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ACSL has this year participated in a tree survival campaign in partnership with the department of forestry. The department of forestry is running this campaign from May to November 2016.

Every year ACSL partners with primary schools across the country in planting trees in order to fight climate change and contribute towards beautifying the country. This is part of ACSL’s corporate social responsibility.

For the past two years ACSL partnered with Nankhonde primary school along Salima road and this year the partnership was with Chikhamwazi primary school in Ntcheu district.

To ensure that the tree seedlings survive, ACSL encourages the schools through different strategies like adopt  a tree strategy (where a pupil is assigned a seedling to take care of) and rewarding those that are doing well.

This year Chikhamwazi primary school has been rewarded for the good work it is doing in taking care of the seedlings. The reward was in the form of learning materials and garden equipment to help in taking care of the seedlings. Some of the items donated include: exercise books, pens, dusters, rulers, slashers and termite control chemicals.

In his speech during the award ceremony the Deputy General Manager for ACSL Mr. James Mphundukwa  said that he believes that the school will be motivated to work even harder in taking care of the trees  thereby helping  the  government in the fight against climate change. In response the Deputy Headmaster for Chikhamwazi primary school appreciated the gesture that ACSL has shown and expressed his wish for the partnership to continue. The survival rate for the tree seedlings at Chikhamwazi primary school is at 80%.

In the Picture the Deputy General Manager for ACSL Mr. James Mphundukwa presenting the donation to the Deputy headmaster for Chikhamwazi Primary school Mr. Douglas.